Survey: italian companies, export and banks

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Authors: Laura Oliva and Raffaele Zenti

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The present and also the future, is global. What strategy have Italian companies ? What tools do they use to operate and to protect themselves from financial risk?

Entrepreneurs have the perfect knowledge of the “business risk”, precisely those arising from business decisions, risk of competition, risk of technological changes, risks associated with the production or seasonality, etc. .

Different are the “financial risks”, which are those that result from changes in the prices of goods traded on financial markets: commodity price risk, currency risk, risk of changes in interest rate risk, credit risk, liquidity , etc.

The idea of the survey was designed to answer these kind of questions arising among Italian industrial companies operating abroad and on foreign markets. Ekuota, an on-line corporate risk advisor designed and developed the survey. It is an analysis of the Italian economic and business world who did not give up and decide to invest where there are opportunities for development. And today these opportunities are especially abroad.

The survey was promoted both on the eKuota blog ( and on the main social networks (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter). The recipients of the questions were entrepreneurs, CEOs and CFOs of companies from different industrial sectors, including that of the vertical transportation industry. Responses were on a voluntary basis.

Tabella1 e 2 survey.001

From a strictly technical-statistics point of view, it is an unconventional sample, which may become distorted because of the manner and means by which it has been promoted.

The answers to the survey questions have inspired a multicolour vision. The sample of Italian manufacturing companies did not give up to the crisis and have propensity to invest in the markets where they see opportunities for development. What clearly emerges is the traditional export trend that has always characterized the domestic firms (in all areas) .

On the other hand, they are fully aware of their advantages (flexibility, quality and design) and limits (little ability to create a networking system and organization which is not completely adequate).

Tabella 3 survey.001

In conclusion, the latest data that the survey shows is that, although there are no aid or aggregation paths that lead to foreign markets, the Italian business culture is brave.

Italian excellence are ready for the challenge of global markets and are experiencing the challenge internationally as a great chance to recover. Research and development, networking, organization and financial instruments are the keys that are used to redeem our companies and create the conditions to restart.

Said the poet Virgil : “Audentes fortuna iuvat” (Fortune helps the brave).

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