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Nelson Mandela is the symbol of an entire nation, South Africa. For the rest of the world he is a symbol of dignity. Incredulous, we have been fortunate to be the contemporaries of an amazing man. Today, we remember him with admiration, looking at what South Africa has become thanks to his victories.


Gdp % Growth and Inflation index. Source: IMF

Gdp % Growth and Inflation index. Source: IMF

Over the past decade the gross domestic product has doubled. 50 million citizens are living in a democratic country with an average income per capita of $10,500. 
South Africa- Debt and Current Account. Source: IMF


South Africa is the world’s leading supplier of precious metals, the seventh country in the world for the production of aluminium.

South Africa- Debt and Current Account. Source: IMF

South Africa- Debt and Current Account. Source: IMF

The country has one of the highest rates of female political participation in the world; as many as 42% of parliamentarians are women.

Since 1992, South Africa has been part of the group of “emerging countries” , i.e. it is included in the index called “MSCI Emerging Markets.” The term “emerging market” was created to give a positive connotation for developing countries compared with the old labels of the “third world” or ” less developed countries.” After more than twenty years, only a few countries have in reality ” emerged”, many countries are still on the index without having become “developed”.

South Africa still has a long road ahead. Unemployment is very high, at more than 25% . The rate of school attendance and the health conditions of the population need efficient investments.

Financial markets appreciate the prospects of the country. Thanks to the gold price rally in recent years, South Africa attracts considerable foreign investment. Investors have also appreciated the emissions of government debt: in 2013, 2 billion dollars were placed at a rate of 6%.

For 2013, the IMF predicts weak growth (2%), in 2014 the forecast growth is 3% but only if the global economic environment – and in particular that of China, due to its close economic links with South Africa, will provide adequate stimulus.

“There is no easy road to freedom. ” (NM)

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