How it works

1. Create your profile

Entering your name and email allows you to access all of eKuota’s functions right away

2. Enter in your cash flow amounts

Put in the amounts of your payables and receivables

3. Measure your risk

eKuota calculates your level of risk based on financial market fluctuations

4. Define your strategy

Based on your risk tolerance, you can determine the best strategy for you to protect your investments, balancing costs and benefits

5. Receive notifications

eKuota will keep you constantly updated on the movements in financial markets with specialized alerts for those unmissable moments

6. Reach your targets

Monitor daily changes and verify if your chosen strategy is meeting your business objectives and goals


eKuota is an online platform dedicated to businesses that exchange in foreign currencies and invest in raw materials. After entering your payments and business receipts, our calculator will evaluate your level of financial risk. If a risk is considered too high, you will be able to choose how to protect yourself with our financial instruments (futures and options). After developing a strategy, you can monitor its effectiveness based on your financial goals and objectives. You will be able to monitor your targets daily and choose alternative strategies at any time.
The CF@R (Cash Flow at Risk) is a unique instrument that allows businesses to make well-informed decisions and protect their cash flow from unexpected financial bumps. Thanks to the CF@R, businesses can better understand their risks. In the CF@R, cash flows (income, payments, and acquisitions of raw materials), the date of expected income or payments, and the exchange rate or expected prices are entered. eKuota will calculate the risk and probability. You will be able to visualize a graphical display of scenarios for cash flow and numerical quantification of budget gap risk. You will be able to access the potential losses in expected cash flow and immediately verify the efficacy of the chosen strategy.