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Ekuota has received financing of €7 00,000 as part of a programme to support innovative companies which use high-level technology. Ekuota has in fact been admitted to the Smart&Start Italia programme created by Invitalia with the support of the Italian Ministry of Economy. The investment will be allocated to research and development in order to enhance and expand the services of the company.

Ekuota offers on-line services which optimize the financial performance of companies:
– forecasts of future scenarios;
– price estimates;
– calculators for hedging prices and risk management.

Ekuota provides the very best of fintech technology, which was previously only within the reach of the biggest financial and industrial institutions. This technology is now also available to managers to help them increase the competitiveness of their firms on international markets.

“With the proprietary instruments created by eKuota, companies can now export and buy abroad, protected from exchange rate and commodity fluctuations,” said eKuota CEO Laura Oliva. “With our services, they can manage better their purchasing of metals, (copper, aluminium, nickel, tin, etc.). In particular, we are addressing our efforts to exporting or importing companies, from countries outside the Euro zone, or to manufacturing companies which buy materials quoted on the stock market, and also to food companies who buy agricultural materials, such as coffee for example, quoted on international markets. Our services allow future scenarios to be identified and effective decisions to be taken with tangible results”.

Ekuota strengthens companies in the process of international growth, guiding them in the decisions which involve financial risk and putting fintech instruments at their disposal which are immediately useable and of proven effectiveness.

“Thanks to the Invitalia financing, we can now also address foreign companies and expand eKuota itself on the market outside Italy,” added Ms. Oliva. “In the longer term, we are looking closely at new collaborations with other fintech companies and complementary partners to offer integrated services”.

Ekuota was founded by a group of experts with many years of specific experience and competence in various fields: financial markets, risk management, quantitative investments, software architecture for financial institutions, marketing and communications. A client company and a business angel then joined forces with the founding partners. This composition has recently been enriched by the addition of two new partners who are experts in the areas of data science and B2B marketing.

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