Euro/USD monthly outlook

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Within this Monthly Outlook, we discuss the current trends of the fx market and our forecasts based on the eKuota quantitative methodologies.

The objective is to provide a vision of the tendencies of exchange rates quotes against the Euro as well as the indications derived for the planning of any relative cash flows. Projections are estimates on the future and, as such, they cannot guarantee future results.

Ekuota projections are based on statistical analysis and on current market conditions. Relevant outputs of our models are the expected range and include short term forecasts for the next month.

Our one-month projection of the EUR / USD is 1.129 with an expected range of 1.081 – 1.178. Included within this report are also the one-month projected exchange rates for the main currencies.

We have also included the accuracy of projections from past reports, with our most recent projection of EUR/USD exchange rate being more than 99% accurate. Moreover, this report includes the cash flow at risk analysis of the USD in comparison to the Euro, calculated from a 1,000 USD receivable to indicate the risk of receivables contingent on the varying exchange rates.

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