Copper monthly outlook

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Within Ekuota monthly outlook, we discuss the current trends of the copper prices and our forecasts based on the eKuota quantitative methodologies.

The objective is to provide a vision of the tendencies of copper prices against other metal prices such as aluminum, nickel and zinc, as well as any indications about hedge planning for future cash flows involving these commodities.  Projections are estimates about the future and, as such, they cannot guarantee future results.

Ekuota projections are based on statistical analysis and on current market conditions. Relevant outputs of our models are the expected range and include short term forecasts for the next month.

Our one-month projections of the price of Copper is the range $5 185 – $6 636. Included within this report are also the one-month projections for Aluminum, Nickel, and Zinc.

What have also included the accuracy projections from the past three reports, with our most recent projections of copper prices being 97.3% accurate.

Moreover, this report includes the cash flow at risk analysis of copper, calculated using the eKuota platform and used to indicate the risk of buying copper contingent on the varying price of the commodity. 

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