eKuota, the evolution of corporate finance

Innovation, software, quality, research, trade, finance and creativity are an ever increasing part of our world.

Millions of companies are digital today because they understand it is an essential business tool.

eKuota is dedicated to businesses and personal relationships which are developed through these new processes and interactions.

The net now offers a new way to use finance, with new “user-friendly” tools.

eKuota is the embodiment of the “make it simple” principle: complex systems and instruments within your grasp that are easy to use so you can assess your company’s corporate finances and risk management.

The concept of “openness” was the guiding light which inspired the economists, engineers and researchers who created and developed the eKuota project.

In practice, eKuota is a web platform offering:

  • the most suitable and advanced technical tools to manage corporate finance and treasury for non-financial companies
  • state of the art tools used in the international financial markets

The eKuota platform is aimed at the financial departments of non-financial firms and at corporate finance and risk management consultants.

Make your company:

  • faster
  • more effective
  • more efficient

with eKuota!

The eKuota team

Laura Oliva

Co-founder, CEO & Partner

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Raffaele Zenti

Co-founder & Partner

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Fabio Marras

Co-founder & Partner

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Fabio Liberali

Co-founder & Partner

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Luigi Zanderighi

Co-founder& Partner

Alessandro Berbenni

Co-founder & Partner

Pietro Carta

Data Scientist